Gospel Music: Rita Joshua - Finally ft Joshua Nchini



During a heartfelt family worship and praise session led by the great pair "Rita and Joshua Nchini" in January 2022, the song "Finally" emerged.

The song's title, "A Sound of Faith," refers to the ways in which God's majesty has been revealed to humanity since its beginning.

This specific song is what led to the Testimonies in our lives!

I'm sure there's something you want God to do for you, you who are reading this. Download the music, press play, and have faith that it's finished. You'll share your testimony just like we are right now.

It can be recalled that Rita Joshua dropped a praise tune ending last year titled "Bor Ekom" meaning receive praise and it's still trending in all platform and gaining airplay in major radio stations.

The amazing pair Rita Joshua and Joshua Nchini are favored by God to spread the good news of Jesus via motivational music!

They are fortunate to have two kids.

Rita Joshua—also referred to as "QueensArt"—works as a professional makeup artist, actor, model, communicator, and songwriter. Her title is Emeritus Queen.

In addition to being a professional engineer, Joshua Nchini is a music director, songwriter/composer, music minister, and inspired pianist.


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